1. Mr. Jan Vink – Co-Founder


Mr. Jan Vink heads a group of companies of which ‘De Bioderij’ ( is one of the leading company involved in manufacturing of pancakes and poffertjes for the last 2 decades. De Bioderij is not only equipped to manufacture chilled, frozen and non-perishable products, but also has the highest production capacity for pancakes and poffertjes in the whole of Europe.

Jan experience as a farmer and CEO of Bioderij relates him into Solid Waste Management, which majorly includes the disposal of composite Animal Waste, Biomass, Food Industry Waste, and Organic Waste etc.


2. Mr. Suraj Mundhe – Co-Founder


Mr. Suraj Mundhe is a microbiologist and completed his post-graduate studies in environmental microbiology. He is actively working in the field of environment for the past 12 years in various areas viz; composting, wastewater treatment, bio-methanation, fermentation, and animal husbandry etc. Earlier he has served for research organization, technology supplier company, and FMCG company.

He has worked on Project entitled ‘Biological Cleaning of Lago Ycaparai Lake using Biological Stimulators’ for Paraguay (South America) Government. Suraj has significant experience in alcohol industry, waste water treatment, bio-composting, bio-methanation etc for South American countries – Paraguay, Venezuela, Brazil and European Countries – Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Spain and Holland.

He also worked with effluent treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, solid/domestic waste treatment plants, and molasses based technologies etc operating with different technologies using biological products to maintain process stability, higher process efficiency resulting in higher yields.

He has also successfully handled entire business development network, business promotion, pre & post services, and techno-commercial operations related to various projects.

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